Bihar: After railway tracks, entire pond disappeared- they flattened the land overnight

Recently a shocking incident has come to light in Darbhanga district of Bihar, in which an entire pond was stolen in a single night. This incident is not only shocking the people of Bihar, but it has also shown how all the environmental wealth can be stolen in one night. video is going viral on social media, and even the netizens were surprised. Police are investigating the matter.

People are surprised to know about this incident and how such big things can disappear in a single night. The water of the pond, its soil, the evenness of the surface, the sand around the pond – all these things were stolen in a single night. Subsequently, air huts have been erected there, and barricades have been erected in all directions. When SDPO and Darbhanga Nagar DSP Amit Kumar visited ward number 4 of the area, there was no trace of the Neem Pokhar pond, as if it had never existed.

According to reports, the local people were using the pond for fish breeding growing water fruits, and other uses. Locals said that the police had visited the site several times before and had even seized equipment, however, the administration came to know about it only when they found the pond site flattened. Similarly, another pond in the same area was filled. Two people have been detained for investigation.

DSP Kumar said, ‘People living here have told us that this filling has happened in the last 15 days. This was done mostly at night. For this, 10 to 15 vehicles and earth-digging equipment were deployed. We have no idea whose land this is. The local police station in charge had earlier visited the spot. They had also confiscated some equipment deployed here.

Despite being a water-rich region, Darbhanga has reportedly been suffering from water shortage since 2005. The availability of drinking water had reduced significantly, especially during summer. Even though activists launched awareness campaigns and campaigns to save water bodies, encroachment, mismanagement, and abuse reduced the number of ponds in Darbhanga.

Netizens shared many reactions after watching the viral video. One user wrote, ‘Just imagine, what a pathetic life they are living. The situation is getting worse.

Another user wrote, ‘And Someone was telling Bihar is Proud and it’s a very nice place to live.’

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