Asian Gold Medallist from Tamil Nadu struggles for funds, no govt comes forward to support

Asian Powerlifting Championship gold medallist- Arthi Arun is not so pleased for not being recognised for her achievements and efforts. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Arthi Arun is a dental surgeon by profession, she is also a mother of two.

She also highlighted that she wants all sports to get equal support.

“I haven’t received any kind of support from any Sports Authority,” she said while speaking to ANI.

“I have submitted a letter but did not receive any reply. All I am asking is for an appreciation letter,” she added

“Is that too much to ask? I am waiting for sponsors, till now no one approached me. I don’t know why people ask me this question ‘You are a doctor why do you need a sponsor?’ Do you ask that to a cricketer? Sportspersons should be encouraged by giving sponsors so that they can concentrate on the game and not a financial burden,” she went on to say

One month ago, when she won the medal, she had made the same grievance.

As per ANI, she felt totally disappointed after representing India in the Asian level for not receiving much appreciation for her efforts.

Arun clinched gold medal in powerlifting at the Asian Powerlifting Championship 2019 in Hong Kong April and in February, she won first place in M-1 Category in All India Federation Cup Powerlifting Championship held in Kolkata.

She then started her career in powerlifting in 2017 and has also won many accolades in the sport in both international and national meets.

She started the sport way back in 2017 after she got inspired by looking at others doing powerlifting in the gym.

She was also awarded the “Best lifter Runner up award” in the Asian Championship and is still not happy with the government that has not awarded her or even supported her. Arun said she had to spend Rs 1.5 lakh from her personal savings to take part in the Asian Powerlifting Championship.

It is indeed unfortunate that she is not being reached out to the concerned authorities so that things are sorted out in the first place. She has won a gold medal and made the country proud. The Sports Authority of India should encourage and support her at least by looking after her basic needs.

On the contrary, the Sports Authority of India denies receiving any letter from the athlete but says if she reaches out to them, they are more than happy and ready to help her out.