Live proof of Mahabharata, this is the Chakravyuh in which Abhimanyu was trapped

The Mahabharata, a significant Indian epic, encompasses themes of religion, war, and human relationships. It narrates various episodes, including Arjuna’s archery skills and the bravery of his son Abhimanyu, who became a formidable warrior with Lord Krishna. One such incident is the Chakravyuh, where Abhimanyu, displaying courage, faced challenges navigating unfamiliar routes. A YouTuber claimed to find a living proof of Chakravyuh in a Himachal Pradesh village, sharing a video on social media.

While searching for evidence of Mahabharata, YouTuber Varun reaches a small village ‘Rajod’ from Hastinapur in Himachal Pradesh. Where the Chakravyuh of Mahabharata can be seen which Arjun himself had built here to show Yudhishthir. According to YouTuber Varun, the condition of this Chakravyuh has already been rectified, earlier it had become very bad. In his YouTube channel, Varun, in his quest to uncover the secrets of Mahabharata and the great Ramayana, visits related places, collects information, and shares videos.

What was Chakravyuh, and how is it broken?

To fight the war, the parties or opposition prepare their strategy. Strategy means how the soldiers should be positioned in front. This array is visible when seen from the sky. Like the Kraunch array, if the Kraunch is seen standing from the sky like a bird, the soldiers will be seen standing. Looking at this Chakravyuh, there is a way to go inside it, but there is no way to get out.

A skilled warrior sees how low is the density of warriors on the outside and how much is the density of warriors on the inside. To equalize or reduce this density, it is necessary to kill as many warriors standing outside as possible. Due to this, more and more warriors have to be pushed from within to keep the array moving. Due to this, the warriors inside become less.

Due to the change of position of warriors in this formation, it rotates completely. Certainly, a skilled warrior also knows that in the rotating maze, there is also a space from where one can exit. With his power, he can come out and kill every warrior in each row.

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