Central Government launches Phygital platform MY Bharat to benefit Indian youths directly

The Government of India has recently launched a new and reformed education system “Mera Bharat”, which aims to directly benefit the Indian young generation in the field of education and employment. It is clear from the name of this new and improved platform that it will strive to create a balanced relationship in the prosperity of both the digital and physical sectors of the world. The Central and State Governments are running many wonderful schemes to advance the youth and make them partners in nation-building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the launch of the My India Organization platform during his Mann Ki Baat address. The initiative, introduced on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birthday, aims to involve youth in nation-building programs and harness their collective power for India’s development. The Prime Minister encourages young people to join and participate through MYBHARAT.GOV.IN.

“Mera Bharat” is a phygital platform that will combine all the needs related to education, technology, and employment in one place and will provide the young generation with good technical education and good prospects for government jobs. The main objective of this platform is that the young generation can choose their career according to their ability and interests in various fields so that they can play a decisive role in nation-building.

People in the age group of 15 to 29 years will get the biggest benefit from this platform. This platform will draw the attention of the government to youth-led development and play a decisive role in making youth active drivers of development. This platform will work to provide opportunities to the youth in programs related to nation-building. This is a great initiative, with the help of which youth power will be involved in building a developed India.

Youth will be able to log in to various programs by registering on MYBHARAT.GOV.IN. This platform will develop leadership and many other skills of the youth. Not only this, this platform will help in making the youth social innovators.

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