“I felt bad when Kapil Sharma talked bad about my….” Sumona Chakravarti shares her past experience

The television industry’s popular actress Sumona Chakravarti, who plays Kapil Sharma’s wife in the TV serial “Comedy Nights,” has always been the target of jokes. Sumona and Kapil Sharma share a good bond and have a good rapport, but recently in an interview, Sumona shared her past experience and expressed her sadness because she often becomes the subject of jokes about her lips and mouth.

Actress Sumona Chakravarti revealed that during the shooting of a show, Kapil forgot the script lines and made a joke targeting her lips. This is entirely wrong to make fun of someone’s appearance. She shared that in the beginning, she had to face a lot of difficulties, and it was quite challenging. In her first episode itself, they made jokes about her lips and mouth, but the attempt did not work; nobody laughed. However, in the subsequent episodes, it started working, but she remembers that she felt very bad that day.

She further said, “I remember Archana was sitting with me and asked, ‘Why are you upset?’ I told her, ‘They have made jokes about my lips, my mouth, and everything, and then I couldn’t forget those lines they forgot and ad-libbed something. I’m not a stand-up comedian; I can’t deliver those funny lines effectively.”

Archana told Sumona, ”If you can laugh at yourself, you will never feel insulted. Besides, about the part of your lips or mouth, you have something that I know women pay to get. Sumona said she was very naive and mentioned how she started applying red lipstick much later in life because she was conscious of her mouth.

Sumona and Kapil have a lot of fun and play games backstage, and Kapil also praises her presence. People often ask her about the jokes Kapil makes about her mouth, and the question, “How do you feel being part of this show that ridicules women?”

The actress said, “It’s just a script. It’s not as if I represent the extreme version of it. I am okay with it now. I am a civilized-looking girl, and my mouth is fine too. Sumona is not being insulted by Kapil. When two characters argue or joke with each other, like husband and wife, it’s a certain kind of humor.”

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