Shankarlal was killed by his own friend Mohammad Yasin, because he saw his wife inappropriately

Shankarlal Kushwaha, a retired assistant manager, was killed in Jhansi by his buddy Mohammad Yasin. Mohammad Yasin had a familial connection with Shankarlal. The viral video of this incident is also being circulated on social media, where the police are discussing the case’s facts. The police disclosed this incident on Sunday. According to the police statement, Shankarlal had been making unwanted approaches toward Yasin’s wife, which enraged Yasin and triggered the ensuing incident.

Shankarlal had been living alone with his family for three years. Due to their deep friendship, Yasin often visited Shankarlal’s house with his family. Meanwhile, Shankarlal started showing an inaccurate interest in Yasin’s wife. He started teasing her and making nasty comments. About one and a half months ago, Shankarlal even arranged a shopping spree worth 50,000 rupees for Yasin’s wife. Yasin came to know about Shankarlal’s intentions and, despite this, he make a plan to kill Shankarlal.

He came to Shankarlal’s home on the morning of June 12 around 10 AM while Shankarlal was home alone. He then brutally assaulted him. When Shankarlal lost consciousness, Yasin struck a heavy stone on his head, causing his death. Shankarlal’s body remained in the same house for three days. As Shankarlal’s whereabouts were unknown, his wife filed an FIR with the police. The corpse of Shankarlal was found by the police as they were looking into the matter, and Yasin, the suspect, was taken into custody.

According to the police, Shankarlal had been living individually from his family for three years, and he had converted a separate house in the neighborhood into a tiny ashram. The house had pictures of deities and saints from several religions. Shankarlal had placed pictures of all religions, believing that he belonged to people of all faiths. However, the police revealed that when they conducted an investigation inside the ashram and learned about his activities, it became clear that Shankarlal was involved in immoral activities and was leading a debauched lifestyle away from his family.

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