Pakistan: Hindu student doing her MBBS in Pak college found dead

A Hindu student of a medical college in Pakistan died in her hostel room. After the body of Sneha Jyoti Keswani was found in the hostel on Tuesday, the college administration alerted the police. The MBBS student was in her final year at Khairpur Medical College and her untimely death shocked the community. There are atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan but now this matter has created a big concern.

Sneha Jyoti Keswani, a resident of Daharki in Ghotki district, was identified as the victim. Being a member of the minority Hindu community, Sneha Jyoti Keswani’s case has especially attracted the attention of the Sindhi TV channel Dharti TV’. The channel reported that his body was found in the hostel and was later taken to Civil Hospital Khairpur for post-mortem.

The circumstances surrounding Sneha Joti’s death have generated contradictory statements. Khairpur Medical College administration claimed that she was found unconscious in the hostel and was declared dead on reaching the hospital. On the contrary, the hospital administration argues that the student was already brought dead. “The circumstances are uncertain, with speculation ranging from suicide and heart attack to suspicion of murder, according to multiple online sources.”

According to the doctor, “Sanehiya’s eyes suddenly rolled upward, accompanied by a sensation of suffocation and uncontrolled movements of the limbs, resulting in her fainting. The most likely explanation for this phenomenon is an acute seizure episode, which is probably caused by heart failure.”

After seeing the viral post, different types of reactions have emerged from the users. Mostly all the users are speculating that something wrong has happened with the deceased Sinha Keshwani. People of the Hindu community in Pakistan have to face many types of atrocities. And perhaps something similar might have happened with Sneha also.

One user writes, ‘Very sad news. Such a move by a promising and talented doctor, that too because he is a Hindu in Pakistan, is shocking.

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