BJP MLA Rashmi Varma in trouble after her MMS content goes viral

The utilization of social media digital platforms carries both positive and negative implications. While certain individuals leverage these technologies for constructive purposes, others exploit them for nefarious activities. Recently, objectionable pictures of Bihar BJP leader and BJP MLA from Narkatiaganj Rashmi Verma have gone viral on social media. After this Rashmi Verma alleged that an attempt is being made to defame her. And the photo has been edited.

The person with whom Rashmi Verma’s photo has gone viral. He is Sanjay Sarangpuri. Who worked with her two years ago. And has also been a member of JDU. This information is given by Rashmi Vermanedi herself. After the photo went viral on social media, when MLA Rashmi Verma came to know about it, she said that it had been edited through her social media account. And there is a conspiracy to defame her, the photo has been completely edited.

While appealing to the public on her Facebook account, Rashmi Verma said that she appealed to all the people of Champaran and Narkatiaganj assembly to stop blackmailing me and defaming me with the help of social media by editing misleading and false photos related to me. An unsuccessful conspiracy is going on. I will file an FIR and defamation claim against the people about whom I have received information.

Rashmi Verma became MLA for the first time in the by-election held in 2014. Earlier she was in JDU, and then resigned and joined BJP. At present Rashmi Verma is BJP MLA from Narkatiaganj. In 2015, the BJP had to face defeat from this seat because of Rashmi Verma. After not getting the ticket, Rashmi Verma contested the elections as an independent candidate and was successful in cutting the BJP’s votes. Rashmi Verma got 39200 votes while BJP candidate Renu Devi got 41151 votes, Congress had the advantage in the distribution of votes. The Congress candidate in this election was Rashmi Verma’s brother-in-law Vinay Verma. Who was victorious by getting 57 thousand votes.

Before the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, BJP State President Sanjay Jaiswal made Rashmi Verma return to the party and then she also got the assembly ticket, and then Rashmi Verma was successful in winning from Narkatiaganj. Rashmi Verma, who is in controversies, has once again become a topic of discussion on social media.

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