We work for whole day but they don’t pay, because we are Hindus: Says Pak Hindu

In the modern era, where development occurs in various areas of social prosperity, it is also time to promote secularism and social equality. A video went viral from Pakistan in which some Pakistani Hindus are telling about the difficulties they are facing from Pakistani Muslims. There is a constant threat of attack on Hindus and kidnapping of their children and women.

In the viral video, a Pakistani journalist goes to a Hindu village and talks to everyone where all the Pakistani Hindus tell their problems and how they have to face them. A Pakistani Hindu says, “We want to go to India. There is no one to help us in Pakistan. Here we have no one of our own. Nor do we get any rights. Inflation has gone beyond limits. We work as laborers.” But we don’t even get our wages.”

He further says, “There is no use in living in Pakistan, no rights are given to Hindus, and the price of gold has increased. We want to go to India.” The journalist asks him, ‘Why do all Hindus want to leave Pakistan and go to India?’ He says, ‘We have no one here, no one is going to listen to us, you too have come here after 2 years to get the news. We have a fear all the time. We cannot even go out on the road with our car, no one knows when something might happen at home. ‘

Further, the journalist asks him, ‘What would you like to say to the Prime Minister of India, what message will you give? Pakistani Hindus say, “We will ask the Prime Minister to help us and call us to India from Pakistan.”

Many users viewed the viral video and all the users expressed their views and shared various reactions.

One user writes, “May God give them strength to fight the evil.”

Another user writes, “They can’t come to India. No one is ready to help them. India govt is busy welcoming lovebirds from Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Another user writes, “Why do the Pakistani people dislike the Hindi people?”

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