Who is the viral lady who trended “Just Looking Like a Wow”, here is detail

“Just Looking Like a Wow” viral video is going viral on social media these days. In this video, a woman is showcasing different colors of salwar suits and enthusiastically commenting on their beauty. Do you know who this lady is?

In the world of social media, trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but some trends stick. One such trend that has taken Instagram by storm recently is the “Just Looking Like a Wow” video. What makes this video unique is the phrase she uses repeatedly, “Just feeling like wow”, which quickly became an internet sensation.

The name of the lady in the viral video is Jasmin Kaur. She runs a boutique in Delhi. She has an Instagram account named @designmachinesuitslive and on this, she shares demonstration videos of her clothes to sell them. It was the same video which has gone viral on social media today. Her way of showcasing clothes in the video is amazing.

The meme of this video was first shared on Instagram’s meme page ‘godfatherkajal’. After this, gradually people on the Internet started applying this idiom in different scenarios. Be it a stunning sunset, delicious food, or even a cute cat, everything felt like “wow.”

Yashraj Mukhate then took the phrase “Just looking like a wow” and turned it into a foot-tapping song that perfectly captures the essence of the video.

Not only this, but recently Bollywood celebrities have also making lip-sync videos using the audio from this video. Deepika Padukone and Raveena Tandon have made and uploaded lip-syncing videos using this audio on their social media accounts. Due to which this video of Jasmin Kaur became even more famous. Jasmin Kaur’s “Just Looking Like a Wow” video has indeed become a cultural phenomenon, transcending from a simple clothing showcase to a widespread internet trend. The “Just Looking Like a Wow” video by Jasmin Kaur has transcended fashion, becoming a cultural phenomenon, with Bollywood celebrities adding to its popularity.

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