“I kidnapped my husband and married him, but my in-laws not talking to me”

Certainly! In a peculiar incident in Bihar, a marriage occurred through unconventional means, where the bride’s family orchestrated the groom’s “kidnapping” before arranging the wedding. The revelation of this unusual event took place during a religious gathering led by Swami Aniruddhacharya ji. As strange as this wedding news is, what is more interesting is the reason behind it. The bride’s mother-in-law does not talk to her after the marriage.

A video featuring a religious gathering led by Swami Aniruddhacharya Ji is circulating on social media. The viral footage includes a woman from Bihar sharing an extraordinary marriage story. She reveals that her union defied societal norms, with her family taking a bold initiative to combat dowry demands. The unconventional marriage involved “kidnapping” the groom, leading to their union. Interestingly, she hasn’t spoken a word to her mother-in-law in the last two decades.

Swami Aniruddhacharya ji and other devotees present started laughing after hearing this. Swami Aniruddhacharya ji says, “It is terrific that if someone asks for dowry, then kidnap him.” The woman says, “This is what happens in Bihar, marriage is done by theft. The boy is kidnapped by force and the marriage takes place.” It gets done.”

Swami Aniruddhacharya ji is an Indian religious preacher, currently, he is in the news for his sermons, and you will get to hear and watch his sermons on TV or mobile in almost all people’s homes. He loved serving the cow since childhood, due to which even today he considers the cow as his mother. Aniruddh Maharaj started his career as a storyteller, and till now he has preached more than 700 Bhagwat Katha in India and abroad. Lakhs of people gather to listen to his Bhagwat Katha and sermons, apart from this, any person who is unable to listen to his sermons in person can listen to his sermons with the help of YouTube.

After watching the viral video, users shared various reactions. Most of which was funny. One user writes, “If you are looking so ferocious then mom and dad must be domineering.”

Another user writes, “Moral of the story is: Take less dowry otherwise you will not get anything.”

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