UP Criminal scared of encounter says don’t release I am fine in Jail

In numerous districts of Uttar Pradesh, where the frequency of encounters has been on the rise, a criminal has openly voiced apprehension about being released, expressing a sense of safety behind bars. Under the governance of Yogi Adityanath, several high-profile criminals have faced encounters, creating an atmosphere of fear among those incarcerated. Presently, inmates harbor concerns about potential encounters even upon release, leading them to find a paradoxical sense of security within the confines of the jail. A video capturing these sentiments has circulated on social media.

According to the viral video, a criminal from Uttar Pradesh is released from jail but he is not ready to go out and considers himself safe inside the prison. He is very afraid that at the time of his release, he too might be encountered because many encounters have been carried out under Yogi Ji’s rule.

The criminal says, “He should give us a written statement that he will not shoot. I am ready to go but I don’t know what magic Yogi has done to them that they shoot the criminal in his leg.” An officer says. “The order for your release has come, you will be released.” Then he refuses and says, “No, first give us a written statement that you will not shoot, only then I will go. And raise your hand towards River and say that you will not shoot.” 50 have been shot by policemen. Present in hospital, jail.”

Many types of reactions of people have been seen after watching the viral video. Many users are considering this video in a fun way and are making funny comments. Many users are commenting and expressing their views appreciating the encounter treatment of the Yogi government.

One user writes, “This fear is good in the minds of criminals.”

Another user writes, “Okay, we will not shoot, we will just overturn the car.”

Another user writes, “May God provide such a Chief Minister in all the states of India.”

Another user writes, “This is the miracle of Yogi ji. If such a system is there in the entire country then leave alone the criminals, even the person thinking of committing a crime will think a thousand times before committing the crime. And there is no fear of crime among the people.” It will remain. Everyone will live in peace.”

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