Nana Patekar caught hitting a fan who wanted a selfie

A video of Nana Patekar is trending a lot on social media. When big celebrities gather in a crowd of people, their fans try to get a selfie with their attractive celebrity. But it has been seen many times that these same celebrities lick their fans and then the same videos go viral on social media. One such video of Nana Patekar has gone viral in which a fan is trying to take a selfie and Nana Patekar slaps him.

In a viral video from Varanasi, Nana Patekar is surrounded by a crowd when a young man attempts to take unauthorized selfies with him. An annoyed Patekar responds with a forceful slap, capturing the incident on social media and sparking widespread attention.

Nana Patekar is currently shooting his next film in Varanasi. Film director Anil Sharma has come forward to clarify the situation regarding the recent viral video involving Nana Patekar, in which he can be seen slapping a fan on the head after he tried to take a selfie with him. The video was posted this morning and went viral within no time with people criticizing the actor for his action.

However, Anil Sharma clarified the truth behind the viral video and told Aaj Tak: “I’ve just been informed about this news. I was in the midst of watching that exact video.” Nana didn’t kill anyone; Rather, that is a shot from my film. Filming took place on a bustling street in the heart of Varanasi, where a young boy, visiting his grandfather, found himself on the verge of a head-on collision. The cameras were rolling, capturing the intense scene as Nana, too, delivered a decisive blow.

“But the crowd gathered there recorded it in their mobile cameras and then leaked the shot of the film. Now Nana is being portrayed as a negative and rude actor on social media, which is completely wrong. Via Aaj Tak, I appeal to the audience to comprehend the actuality presented in this video. This is a shot from the film. Nana hasn’t killed anyone.

After watching the viral video, different types of reactions are coming out from the people. One user writes, “This is the reality of big people. How to treat them. These poor people don’t understand, we are emotional people. .”

Another writes, “Highly condemnable act! Deserves action.”

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