10 Mind-Blowing Facts that only 0.01% of people would know, catch details

God has endowed the Earth with the most ludicrous gift one can imagine. As renovation and technology take over the world, we are bound to find more and more interesting things about this world over the internet. Here are some of the weirdest unknown facts that persist among us but we failed to take notice of.

Edible gold

Did you know that gold can be consumed? The practice of gold consumption is employed in several food and beverages as an expensive food additive.

Diamond rain

Did you know that it rains diamonds on Saturn and Neptune? Methane, in the presence of atmospheric temperature and pressure, turns into soot(carbon) which then hardens into big chunks of graphite and precipitates as Diamonds.

Lighters were invented before matchsticks

Lighters were invented in the 16th century out of a converted pistol to light fires, cigarettes, and pipes. However, two centuries later, scientists were amazed to find out that white phosphorus matches can be used to light fire when rubbed against a solid. Owing to various health hazards, the Government issued the use of non-toxic chemicals on matchsticks.

Golden blood

Golden blood is a rare blood type in humans that lacks rh antigens and is referred to as rhnull.

Who is the oldest? Sharks or trees?

Sharks surfaced on the earth 400 million years ago while trees originated around 300 billion years ago.

Birds do not urinate

Birds do not have a urethra and do not produce urine. They only excrete nitrogenous waste in the form of uric acid to remove the toxic substances in their bodies.

Horses do not have a gag reflex

Horses do not have a gag reflex and cannot vomit. The oesophagus in horses is a one-way valve. Once the food enters, the valve closes down the opening, cutting all chances for the food to go up.

Do babies dream?

Babies do not start dreaming until the late age of four. Laughing during sleep in babies is relatively common though but that doesn’t signify that they are dreaming.

Dolphins can talk!

Dolphins use various whistling techniques to identify and communicate with each other. Dolphins are likely to use tissue vibrations in their nasal passages to produce these whistles.

No Coca-Cola for you!

Did you know that Cuba and North Korea are the only places where you cannot buy Coca-Cola? This is due to long term U.S. trade prohibition that coca-cola is banned in these two countries.