Beware: Burqa clad woman steals clothes and walks away from shop

The real secret behind the niqab has been revealed. A video is going viral on social media in which a Muslim woman is seen stealing clothes. This incident was captured on the CCTV camera of the shop. This is a very worrying matter. In this way, a bigger crime can be committed by using the mask.

The incident took place at Sandhya Textiles in Durga Prasad Building in Kavur. CCTV cameras in the shop have captured the entire theft incident. According to the viral video, a Muslim woman wearing a niqab comes to a clothing store for shopping. She looked at a couple of dresses and as the clothing center staff left to take care of another customer, the woman took the opportunity to hide some of the clothes under the burqa she was wearing. Later she runs away from the spot.

The shop owner has lodged a complaint at Kavur police station. The police have registered the case. However, it is very difficult to identify the woman because she was covered from head to toe. She is wearing a burqa and also a niqab. It is very difficult to identify a woman.

The viral video has been shared by a user named Azzat AlSaleem, Now, how could she be recognized? She could have also placed a bomb in the shop!!” However, there is truth in Azzat Al Salim’s words. Only small incidents like theft have come to light behind the burqa, but someone can misuse it and commit even bigger crimes. And no one will be able to know anything because it is very difficult to identify under the burqa.

More than 30 thousand people have watched the viral video and different types of reactions are coming out after watching it. One user writes, “Such clothing should be banned in India. Period.”

Another user writes, “YES! Ban them entirely. Out of shops and off the streets. We never know who or what is under them. Could be a man!”

Another user writes, “If there was respect for burkha, then burkha would not have been used for theft.”

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