Who is the Pakistani fan of Virat Kohli? Her father was bus driver and he died last year

These days, a Pakistani female cricket fan has gone viral due to her unwavering support towards Indian cricketer Kohli. But her own life is full of rigors and challenges. She has a YouTube channel named ‘Love Khani’ in which she uploads daily vlogs of her daily routine. On this channel, she has shared some moments of her harshness and challenging life in one of her vlogs, which is very heart-touching.

In her vlog, Love Khani shares a heartfelt tribute to her late father, with whom she shared a close and special bond. Her father, a dedicated bus driver, passed away a year ago, marking the onset of a challenging period in her life. Khani’s father had been battling a severe illness for the past two years, facing multiple organ failures, including his heart, kidneys, and lungs. His health had reached a critical state, necessitating a month-long hospitalization as he struggled with his condition.

After the death of Khani’s father, the responsibility of running their household fell upon Khani. She used to post daily advertisements to make ends meet, but she also faced a lot of trolling for it. Khani continues, “About a month after my father’s death, some people found out that a single girl was managing the household, taking care of responsibilities. They all came to take advantage under the pretext of false support. But we all know that a father always protects his home and keeps it safe from evil eyes. My father used to come to me in my dreams every day and tell me to stay away from them; he is not right, he wants to take advantage.”

Khani’s father worked overtime to educate his children well and make them capable. Khani’s father always had only one wish that all the family members should live together in harmony. Khani also shares some memories related to her father, “Her father had scolded Khani only once in her entire life when she was 7 years old. She was roaming around touching the wall and there was a clock on the same wall. And suddenly the watch fell and broke. It was then that Khani was scolded by his father for the first and last time.”

Whenever Khani misses her father, she prepares his favorite fruits and food and distributes it among the poor after reciting prayers.

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