Remember the viral German girl who was seen being kidnapped? She is found dead

Shani Louk, the famous GermanIsraeli tattoo artist who was abducted by Hamas during a concert near Kibbutz Reim. A very heart-wrenching news has come to light in this matter. Shani Louk was brutally killed by Hamas terrorists and his body was found without a head.

Shani Louk, 23, was captured from the Supernova music festival in southern Israel near the Gaza border – from where the terrorist organization launched its all-out attack. Several hours following her abduction, unsettling video footage surfaced, revealing her lifeless body in the rear of a pickup truck, with armed men in close proximity. These men were observed chanting “Allahu Akbar,” which translates to “God is great” in Arabic, as they showcased the body before it was transported to the Gaza Strip, as reported by the New York Post on Monday.

Ricarda Luk, the victim’s mother, told German media that she was informed of Shani’s death by the Israeli military, who took a DNA sample from part of the skull bone. Her body has not been found yet. However, it is not clear from reports where and how her skull fragment was discovered. Later, Israeli President Isaac Herzog told the German newspaper Bild that she had in fact been “beheaded” by terrorists.

Herzog was quoted as saying, “I am truly saddened to report that we have now received news that Shani Nicole has been murdered.” “His skull was found. “This means that when these barbaric, sadistic animals attacked Israelis, tortured them, and killed them, they simply decapitated them,” he said.

Shani Louk spent part of her teenage years in Portland, Oregon, and was remembered as a “sweet” child by her kindergarten teacher at the Jewish Portland Academy. The circumstances of his death have shocked and saddened many, further highlighting the brutality of the ongoing conflict. After the attack by Hamas, Israel responded with heavy bombardment on the Gaza Strip. The Hamas-run health department in Gaza reported that more than 8,300 Palestinians have lost their lives in the conflict, the majority of them civilians. This number includes approximately 3,500 children.

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