Pakistanis planning a Hamas-like terrorist massacre in India? Pak journalist responds

Israel and Hamas‘ conflict escalated on October 7th with Hamas’ surprise attack. Some individuals in Pakistan are speculating about the possibility of a similar attack on India with the aim of reclaiming Kashmir. This topic was also discussed in a live news conversation featuring Sajid Tarar and Arzoo Kazmi.

According to the video shared by Raj News, Arzoo Kazmi says, “There are some champions in Pakistan who are saying that now Pakistan will also attack India to take Kashmir like Hamas has done on Israel. Sajid Tarar, giving his views on this matter, says, “It is better to let Pakistan do it, then at least they will come to know. Our ex-Army Chief has already said that the tank has got rusted and it will also happen like this.”

He further says, that in the war going on between Hamas and Israel, the people spreading rumors on social media will not achieve anything, neither will it help anyone nor will it cause any loss to India. India is progressing day by day, it is better to at least learn English from them or learn humanity from them. ,

Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, has emerged as a prominent figure within the pro-Trump wing of the Republican Party. Notably, he established “American Muslims for Trump” and provided counsel to former President Trump on matters pertaining to the Muslim community. His high-profile involvement also extended to leading Islamic prayers at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Originally arriving in the United States as an international student, Tarar has since made it his home and currently holds the position of CEO at the non-profit organization known as the Center for Social Change.

Arzoo Kazmi, a prominent and fearless journalist in Pakistan, is widely recognized for her unwavering commitment to expressing her views with conviction. Her resolute stance has garnered a diverse following, comprising both staunch supporters and vocal critics among the Pakistani public. Notably, there have been instances where she voiced support for certain decisions taken by India, despite the divergence from Pakistan’s national interests. Additionally, she has been a frequent guest on Indian news media programs, further highlighting her engagement on a cross-border platform.

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