Who is Ankit Baiyanpuria and how he became so popular on Social media?

Fitness influencer Ankit Baiyanpuria has been making waves across social media platforms. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a video on Instagram (formerly Twitter) showcasing his interaction with this prominent influencer. Baiyanpuria actively participated in the ‘Shramdaan for cleanliness’ initiative, a pivotal aspect of the ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’ campaign.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), PM Modi shared a message: “Today, as our nation rallies behind the cause of cleanliness, Ankit Baiyanpuria and I united in the same endeavor! Our efforts extend beyond cleanliness, encompassing fitness and overall well-being. Together, we’re fostering the spirit of a pristine and healthy India!”

Prime Minister Modi met social media sensation Ankit Baiyanpuria, who had launched a tough 75-day challenge to imbibe the culture of fitness among the youth. In the video, the Prime Minister was heard telling Ankit, “I will learn something from you today.” PM Modi asked Ankit, “How will the cleanliness campaign help in fitness?”

“It is our duty to keep the environment clean. Responding to PM Modi, Ankit said, if the environment remains healthy then we will also remain healthy. PM Modi asked Ankit how much time he gives to physical activities, to which he said 4-5 hours. Ankit told PM Modi, “I get inspired after seeing you exercise.” After this, PM Modi said, “I don’t exercise much. I exercise enough to complete my day-to-day activities.” is necessary.”

Ankit Bayanpuriya, the former desi wrestler from Bayanpur, Sonipat, is a fitness influencer who has garnered 4.9 million followers on his Instagram profile. He is known for starting a tough challenge of 75 days to imbibe the culture of fitness among the youth.

Ankit Baiyanpuria started his 75-difficulty challenge on June 28, 2023, and finally completed this difficult challenge on September 11, 2023. He posted an Instagram video every day during his 75-day challenge. Launched in 2020, the challenge involves following a strict carb-free diet, doing two 45-minute workouts, drinking a gallon of water, and staying away from junk food and alcohol. As he continued sharing various traditional workouts like Sapete (wrestling burpees), rope climbing, and mental health + self-advocacy lessons from the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, his popularity spread far and wide. According to online sources, before becoming a full-time influencer, she worked as a food delivery executive for a while. He currently holds the title of the official athlete for Bull Nutrition Café, a startup based in Gurugram.

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