Woman threatens to leave Islam if justice is not delivered, she tells how her husband tortured her

Uttar Pradesh: A Muslim woman from Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh is undergoing a distressing situation in a startling incident. This pregnant woman, in the ninth month of her pregnancy, has made grave accusations against her husband and brother-in-law. The nature of these allegations is deeply unsettling and could leave anyone astonished. The woman is enduring such immense physical and emotional suffering that, driven to her limits, she is contemplating renouncing Islam and embracing Hinduism.

The woman claims that throughout her pregnancy, her husband and brother-in-law subjected her to repeated sexual assault against her will. Additionally, her husband resorted to sexual exploitation by involving other men for financial gain. Whenever she voiced her objections, she faced physical abuse and death threats. Frustrated and distressed by her husband’s cruel actions, the woman filed a formal complaint with the police. However, the local law enforcement failed to take any action against the accused husband.

The pregnant woman, who is in her ninth month, has been tirelessly visiting the police station in her pursuit of justice. She’s become weary and drained due to her continuous efforts. In her quest for justice, she has even reached out to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi, appealing for their intervention. She has made it clear that if justice is not served, she is contemplating leaving her current faith of Islam and embracing the Hindu religion.

The victim Muskan Ansari said that she was married to Ali Sher on March 4, 2018, who also belongs to the Ansari caste. She has a daughter from this marriage. Soon after the marriage, her husband and his family started harassing her. First, it was about household chores, then dowry and later they started questioning her character as well. Even her mother-in-law Zarina and sister-in-law Shakira used to tell her to do whatever her husband asked her to do. She never took his side.

When the victim was seven months pregnant, she was raped by her father-in-law and brother-in-law. In addition, her husband had unnatural sex with her. He used to say that she is his wife and that whatever he says to her, she should follow it. Not only this, not only her husband made her have extramarital affairs with his friends for some money.

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