Couple finds the best Hack to get free food in 5 star restaurants, people say it’s disgusting

Recently, a new case on social media is making headlines. A couple from Gurugram ate for free in posh 5-star restaurants through a hack and also shared this hack with people. This case has sparked outrage on the internet and the couple has been strongly condemned.

Twitter handle Udit Bhandari shared the story of this couple while sharing the post. This couple eats for free in a fancy 5-star restaurant through a hack. The story of this couple has created a sensation on the internet and has shocked everyone.

According to Udit Bhandari, he met this couple at a mutual friend’s party function. While sharing the post, Udit Bhandari said, ‘During the function, the couple casually revealed their fraud and told how they carry a dead fly with them to posh restaurants in Delhi and Gurugram. In the middle of the meal, they secretly put a fly in their food and then create a ruckus demanding compensation for the alleged unhygienic conditions. As a result, the restaurant management often waives the bill or gives the food for free, to avoid negative publicity and appease disgruntled customers.

The user stressed that the couple does this ‘for fun’, as they do not seem to be financially stressed. “They feel pride sharing the ‘hack’ to get free food and have used it multiple times,” Bhandari wrote. He further expressed disbelief and disgust at their actions.

This incident raises a question – is it justified to do anything to get free food? Just for fun, this couple uses such fraudulent hacks to get free food and takes pride in sharing it. This is extremely unacceptable and such cases must be investigated so that such incidents do not happen in the future.

Seeing Udit Bhandari’s viral post, users have shared various reactions. A user writes, “disgusting, pathetic, that’s theft and fraud, shows their upbringing.”

Another user writes, “What stops you from making their identity public? Otherwise, this is just a gossip tweet and is meant to show you in a good light. Have some guts and make their identity public.”

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