Pakistan Muslims demolish more than 21 Churches, 378 Christian houses- says Christian Rights Activist Faraz

A video from Pakistan is going quite viral on social media. The video shows Islamic people from Pakistan engaging in violence. In the video, Muslim mobs are seen creating unrest on the streets, targeting Christians living in the Jaranwala area of Faisalabad, along with an incident involving a living situation related to a Christian person named Ishaninda. Following this, more than 378 Christian homes and 21 churches were vandalized in Pakistan. The Christian community in Pakistan is quite fearful after this incident.

The Jaranwala neighborhood of Faisalabad is reportedly home to thousands of Muslim radicals who are wreaking havoc in Islamic houses and places of worship. The footage unequivocally demonstrates how Muslim adolescents are destroying the church and tossing household things outside their homes. Many Muslim adolescents are filming the incident, and they are shouting “Allahu Akbar” in addition.

According to the report, in Jaranwala, Pakistan, 378 Christian homes and 21 churches were attacked by Muslims. This is an extremely heinous crime. Muslims in Pakistan accuse two Christians from the Faisalabad neighborhood of Jaranwala of insulting the Quran and are held responsible for the violence.

The news of the blasphemy of the Quran angered a mob, which on Wednesday, in addition to vandalizing churches and homes, also set fire to them. According to multiple news sources, Jaranwala has arrested more than 100 rioters who were responsible for the attacks on minority-owned churches and houses. The viral video depicts violence against Christians in Pakistan; concerns grow.

Since this attack, all the Christians in Jaranwala, Pakistan, have been extremely fearful. This video has been shared by a verified Twitter user named Faraz Parvez. Through the information in the video, he has revealed that more than 378 Christian homes and 21 churches were vandalized by Muslims. Additionally, he has also mentioned that some of his friends in Jaranwala are extremely fearful. They are skeptical that extremist Muslims might instigate violence again on the occasion of Jumma Mubarak.

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