5 cheapest but stylish bikes in India in 2023- full details inside

For men, driving a bike means everything to them. It is an unmatched feeling after you get your hands on your favourite bike for the very first time. It’s not just a bike but it’s an emotion. Men treat bikes like their wives. Yes, it’s true. We have also seen some of them proposing bikes in a dramatic fashion even now. Men’s love for bikes is a beautiful love story than Twilight.

Some go for long rides with friends, some take their girlfriends to favourite destinations whereas some like to go alone but the boys’ connection with bikes is permanent as always. Right from the self-start to enjoying a complete ride with a superb sound coming from the engine, it does fill your heart with an emotion.

Well, credit goes to the bike manufacturers. They have made it in such a way that people can afford bikes of different price segments depending on their choices. Today’s bikes are well built with interesting features and for bike’s safety, the manufactures have chipped in with ABS so much so that it prevents the wheels of a powered two-wheeler from locking during braking circumstances.

Now in this article, let’s take a glimpse at the five cheapest but stylish bikes in India in 2023.

Hero HF100

Hero HF 100 comes first on the list in terms of the cheapest bike in India. Notably, it is the cheapest bike in India as far as the 100cc segment is concerned. The bike comes with a BS6 compliant engine and the overall cost of Hero HF 100 in India is Rs 49,400 (Ex-Showroom Price).

Bajaj CT 100

Here comes Bajaj CT 100! It is the second cheapest bike in India after Hero HF100. The price of Bajaj CT 100 in India is estimated at Rs 51,750 (Ex-Showroom Price). In fact, it is also the cheapest ever bike in India in the Bajaj segment.

Hero HF Deluxe

Meanwhile, Hero HF Deluxe is the third-cheapest bike in India. Notably, it is offered in five variants to pick from and it is available in five colour options. The price starts at Rs 50,700 and it goes up to Rs 60,775 for the top-end variant.

Bajaj CT110

Bajaj CT110 is also one of the cheapest bikes in India and it comes with only 1 variant. However, it gets three new colour options to pick from. This is BS6 compliant and comes loaded with modern features. The price of Bajaj CT110 in India is estimated at Rs 54,662 (Ex-Showroom Price).

Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj Platina 100 is one of the most-popular and one of the cheapest bikes in India. The price of Platina 100 in India is valued at Rs 55,379 (Ex-Showroom Price). It is worth mentioning here that Bajaj Platina 100 is one of the best bikes under 60000 in India.