Teacher kills 12yr old student, he was unhappy with the student for they went out without informing him

Assam: A tragic incident has emerged from the Cachar district of Assam, shedding light on a heart-wrenching case. In this incident, Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan, a teacher, beheaded 12-year-old student Rozimul Hussain Laskar. According to the police, this murder was done by the teacher to avenge his insult. Cops successfully resolved the case in under 24 hours.

Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan is a teacher in a madrasa in Assam. Actually, the deceased, Rozimul Hussain Laskar, was also a student of the same madrasa. Without informing anyone, Rozimul one day escapes from the madrasa, which makes the teacher Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan extremely disappointed and angry.

Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan subjected Rozimul to punishment and also physically assaulted him. When the student’s family members came to know about this, they made Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan apologize in front of everyone.

Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan could not tolerate his insult. Since then, he had developed a sense of revenge in his mind and made 12-year-old student Rozimul Hussain Laskar his biggest target. Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan carried out this act with great cruelty, adopting an ISIS-style approach to brutally take the life of the student. He beheaded the 12-year-old student Rozimul. This is an extremely abhorrent act. While teachers are held in the highest regard as givers of knowledge, teachers like Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan absolutely do not deserve this stature.

Assam Police solved the mystery of this case within 24 hours. According to the police information, the accused Hafiz Mousin Rahman Khan himself confessed his crime when the police revealed the truth. He clearly confessed that he killed Rozimul Hussain Laskar, a 12-year-old student, just to take revenge. The student ran away from the madrassa without informing and so he punished him but when his family members came to know then Hafiz Rehman Khan was asked to apologize. Hafiz apologized but he could not tolerate this insult due to which he carried out this incident and killed an innocent person with such brutality.

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