Anju now regrets her decision going to Pakistan, now she wants to come home

The new video of Anju who came from India to Pakistan has gone viral. A new story is coming to the fore in the case of Anju who reached the neighboring country. It is being claimed in the video that Anju now regrets her decision to go to Pakistan, now she wants to come back to India. Also, Pakistan has extended Anju’s visa for one year.

As per the video, Anju is conveying a message, stating, “I have come to Pakistan of my own willpower and in a legal way. This wasn’t an abrupt journey from India to Pakistan. Just as I came to Pakistan from India in an organized manner, I intend to return to India within a day or two using the same process I request all the media persons not to disturb my relatives and my children, whatever you want to ask, please ask me.”

Anju’s decision to leave her husband and children and cross India’s border into Pakistan to marry a man she met on Facebook has garnered significant media attention recently. After arriving in Pakistan, she married Nasrullah and underwent a conversion to Islam. However, there seems to be a gradual shift in Anju’s demeanor, as she appears to be contemplating a return to India.

According to media reports, Anju has said that I have also made a mistake in haste. He said that I want to face the media and also want to answer their questions. Recently, Anju gave an interview to BBC in which she said that she wants to come back to India. In the interview given on the mobile phone, Anju tells, everyone knows with what planning I have came but what was thought and what has happened. It was also due to my haste that I made a mistake. Whatever happened here in Pakistan, India has been maligned because of this, I am deeply saddened.

During this conversation, Anju’s love for her children was also evident. Anju says, ” There must have been an image of me in the minds of the children, that’s why I want to go to India and answer the media’s questions. Anju wants to make it clear that she made the decision to migrate to Pakistan on her own. No ill-treatment is being done to her in Pakistan. Anju revealed that she is missing her children immensely and desires to be with them. However, Anju’s visa has been extended for another year. Because of this, she won’t be able to return for at least a year.”

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