Pakistani Woman marries Jodhpur’s man online as she couldn’t get an Indian visa

These days, the use of the internet has become common for all tasks, and now even weddings are being conducted online through the internet. It might sound a bit unconventional to hear, but a woman from Pakistan has arranged an online marriage with a man from India. Since the case of Seema Haider and the cross-border relationships, there has been a lot of discussion about cross-border relationships.

A Pakistani woman applied for a visa to come to India, but due to the visa application being unsuccessful, she married an online wedding with an Indian man. Amina, a resident of Karachi, and Arbaz, a resident of Jodhpur, had an arranged marriage that was arranged by their respective families.

Allegedly, Arbaaz has stated that he refrained from marrying Ameena in Pakistan due to the potential non-recognition of the marriage in India. Consequently, he mentioned the necessity of undergoing another marriage ceremony upon reaching India. Ameena had initially applied for a visa to enter India, but unfortunately, the application faced obstacles leading to its failure. As a result, Arbaaz and Ameena arrived at the decision to proceed with an online marriage.

On Wednesday, Chartered Accountant Arbaaz Khan, accompanied by his friends and family, arrived at Oswal Samaj Bhavan in Jodhpur to celebrate a wedding. Despite the event being conducted virtually, the family members engaged in all the customary rituals and enjoyed the festivities to the fullest. The Jodhpur Qazi presided over the ceremony and extended well wishes to the newlywed couple for a joyful married life.

The relationship between India and Pakistan is not going well right now. Since playing the PUBG game, Seema Haider from Pakistan falls in love with Sachin from India. And for this love, she leaves everything in Pakistan and comes to India with her 4 children crossing many borders without a visa.

And within a few days of this, Anju of India reaches Pakistan, and she also marries Nasrullah.

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