Father kills daughter for going out with her friend, drags her body to railway tracks

Punjab: A father suspected his daughter that she was having an affair with a boy. Despite this doubt, he brutally murdered his daughter. Not only this, he tied the dead body to the bike and dragged it for considerable distances, and dumped it at the railway station. The tragic massacre has instilled a sense of panic among the family members of accused. The Punjab Police have been informed of the details surrounding this incident, and they are actively conducting a thorough investigation.

According to the police, the murder occurred on August 11. The accused has been identified as a laborer named Dalbir Singh Alias. He brutally murdered his daughter just because he suspected that her daughter was having a relationship with a boy. The accused killed the girl with a sharp weapon and then tied her body to a bike and dragged it for a long distance and threw it on the railway track. There has also been CCTV footage of this incident.

The police investigation into the incident is underway, and they are thoroughly examining the details. According to the police statement, the suspect allegedly locked all the household members inside the residence and issued threats of fatal consequences. All the family members were very scared and because of this fear, they did not come out of the house. Police are running a search operation to arrest the accused.

The accused’s father stated that his granddaughter had left home on Wednesday. Despite our efforts, we were unable to locate her. She was questioned by her father when she returned on Thursday afternoon. She didn’t say anything about this. Being suspicious of this, he killed his own daughter with such cruelty.

The police revealed that the accused individual has five children, among whom four are daughters. The deceased child was his third offspring. The police have taken the dead body of the girl into custody. The girl had studied up to the 12th grade. Another person from the same village claimed that “The accused is known to lose his temper. He often argues with his children and wife over trivial matters.” His wife mentioned that when the girl returned after going missing, he became angry. He attacked his daughter with a sharp weapon and caused her death.

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