Mother of 6 kids gets husband killed for her lover, she kept watching the brutal act from Window

Bihar- A shocking and disturbing incident has come to light from Gopalganj that has left the community reeling. It involves the murder of a husband orchestrated by his wife, Noorjahan Khatum, in collusion with her 22-year-old lover, Naushad Alam. This case underscores the tragic reality that love can sometimes drive individuals to commit unthinkable acts.

The victim’s history reveals that he had been living in Dubai for several years due to work commitments. During his absence, Noorjahan engaged in an extramarital relationship with Naushad Alam, despite being married and having the responsibility of six children and even grandchildren. At this age, she crossed all limits for her love.

The case reveals a stark duality in Noorjahan’s character. On one hand, she presented herself as an innocent and modest woman, adhering to cultural norms by wearing a traditional veil (ghoonghat). However, on the other hand, she was masterminding a malevolent scheme, secretly engaging in an unlawful relationship, and even plotting her husband’s murder. Her betrayal extended not only to her spouse but also to her entire family, as she deceived them all while secretly fostering her affair.

Noor Jahan, along with her lover Naushad, orchestrated the murder of her husband. He was fatally shot while asleep during the night. Noor Jahan executed her plan with cunning precision by enlisting the services of two contract killers. She discreetly communicated her instructions to the assassins at 1:50 A.M using gestures. She then observed the chilling event unfold from a nearby window.  She remained unaware until morning, as though she had no knowledge of when or how it had occurred.

Upon receiving information, the police initiated an investigation into the matter. They obtained and examined the phone call records of the deceased’s wife, uncovering crucial evidence for the case. Subsequently, Noorjahan was apprehended. During the arrest, Noorjahan admitted to her involvement in the crime, corroborating the evidence against her.

In this murder case, the police arrested 4 accused, including Noorjahan and her lover Naushad Alam. And along with this contract killers Parvez Ansari and Mashoor Alam.

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