New study finds laptop is affecting Sperm counts in men, if you are a man

Nowadays, laptops have become indispensable tools in our lives, allowing us to work without interruption from virtually anywhere. However, recent research highlights potential health concerns, particularly for men. A new study has found that laptop use can affect men’s sperm quality.

According to US scientists, men who use a laptop on their lap are more likely to experience scrotal hyperthermia – elevated temperatures in their testicles – affecting their fertility and sperm quality and capacity. Scrotal hyperthermia still occurs even if they protect their lap with lap pads.

Scientists conducted three separate 60-minute sessions to measure the temperature of the left and right sides of the scrotum, as well as the laptop and lap pad. The purpose of this effort was to measure any increase in scrotal temperature. The result, the report found, was that scrotal temperature increased significantly, regardless of the position of the participants’ legs and whether they used lap pads or not. Scrotal temperature decreased and increased later when the men raised their legs 70° Kept apart at an angle of. However, the increase in scrotal temperature was still a cause for concern.

Studies show that the longer the testicles are exposed to the laptop and the closer the device is to the genitals, the greater the risk of damage to sperm and fertility. If you’re a man who usually uses his laptop on his lap, there are several things you can do to help protect your fertility:

-Don’t cross your legs if you’re sitting straight or cross your ankles if you’re slouching: keep your feet slightly apart.

-Cut down on how often you put your laptop on your lap to use it.

-Whenever possible, put your laptop on a table or desk.

It’s important to raise awareness about these findings and encourage healthier laptop habits. Placing laptops on desks or tables instead of laps and avoiding prolonged use can help mitigate potential risks to men’s reproductive health.

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