13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

Everybody loves a good food combo. People usually combine two or more food items for their nutritional value or just to make their meals tastier. Mac and cheese, eggs and bacon, peanut butter and jelly; some things just go so well with each other. 

But do you know that certain food combinations can be bad for you? Certain food combinations can lead to stomach discomfort, fatigue, gas, bloating, and many more digestive problems. Furthermore, consuming such food combinations for long periods can cause chronic cases of some of the conditions listed above.

Here’s a list of 13 dangerous food combinations that you should probably avoid: 

1. Cereal and Juice: 

13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

This combination can cause severe digestive distress despite it being labelled as the best breakfast one could have. This is mainly because the citric acid present in most fruits that are made in juices destroy the digestive enzymes required to break down starchy carbohydrates like Cereal. 

2. Bananas and Milk: 

Whether you’re a fitness freak or not, everybody loves this combination, mostly in the form of a shake. However, this combination is very heaving, prolonging the process of digestion in the stomach. The toxins created by the combination put a lot of stress on your mind and body, making you feel tired. 

3. Pizza and Soda: 

13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

This fact will probably be a lot harder for people to digest than the combination itself, but you should not consume these two food items together. The sugar, carbs, and starch present in the combination can decrease our body’s capability of digesting food and make you feel more hungry. 

4. Eggs and Bacon: 

The high amounts of protein present in the combination can make it difficult for your body to digest them all at once, as protein is the hardest of the three macronutrients for your body to break down. The combination also gets extremely close to the daily saturated fat limit, which can be problematic. 

5. Apple Juice And Allergy Medicines: 

Experts recommend drinking apple juice with at least a four-hour gap before or after consuming your allergy medicines, because the efficiency in medicines goes down 70% due to the nectar content in apples, making it completely useless for your body to consume. The same can be said for orange and grapefruit juices. 

6. Burger and Fries: 

13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

Another combination not too many people will be happy to hear the cons about; burgers and fries. The high amount of transit fat present in both decreases blood sugar levels in the body, making the combination extremely harmful. Sources on the internet allege that the combination can also lead to an increased risk of asthma and allergies.

7. Lemon and Cough Syrup: 

Lemons have been the pizza toppings of many sore throat solutions, but combining them with cough syrup can do more harm than good. Lemons block the enzymes required to break down statins and other drugs, including dextromethorphan which is used to temporarily relieve cough. If these compounds have not been broken down in the body, they can build up in the bloodstream causing many side effects. 

8. Olive Oil and Nuts: 

This combination can cause serious gastric and digestive issues, as the protein present in the nuts and the fat present in the oil do not mix well. 

9. Fruits after a full meal: 

13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

If you thought that eating fruit after a meal is good for your health, you’re mistaken. The heavy protein in meals takes time to digest, which causes the sugar in fruits to ferment in your stomach and hamper your digestive system. 

10. Muffins and Juice: 

Another breakfast combination that is not good for your digestive system; is muffins and juice. This sugar-loaded combo gives you an instant sugar rush kick that dies down soon enough to leave you feeling lethargic and exhausted. 

11. Meat and Potatoes: 

Individually, these two food items have heavy nutrient capacity. Combining the two along with the lack of fibre present can make it difficult for your stomach to digest them, causing digestive problems. 

12. Yogurt with Fruit: 

13 dangerous food combinations that we must avoid, read details

This combination can cause cold allergies. When acidic fruits come in contact with protein-filled yogurt, they diminish the digestive fibres in your stomach and produce toxins. 

13. Tomatoes in Pasta: 

Tomatoes are highly acidic and cause hindrance in the digestion of starch, which is present in pasta. Since pasta is in itself hard to digest due to high levels of starch, the combination can cause bloating, indigestion, and even a chronic headache.

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