Manipur: local women caught removing their clothes and threatening Jawans of fake rape cases

Shameful acts also have a limit. The women of Manipur have crossed the limits of shamelessness by abandoning their shame. For a woman, her shame is considered to be her biggest jewel. But some women take advantage of this. A video from Manipur is becoming quite viral on social media, which is spreading very fast. In the video, the women of Manipur are threatening to strip in front of the soldiers.

This incident is not a rare incident in Manipur, it often happens in Manipur. Arms and ammunition were stolen from the armoury of the Manipur Police Training College, against which a case was registered. The villagers did not allow the CBI police team that arrived for its investigation to enter the premises.

As per the video, all the rural women obstruct the activities of the defence forces. Then a woman threatens to take off her clothes in front of the soldiers. As can be seen in the video, the soldiers tell them not to do all this. But a woman comes forward and crosses the limits of shamelessness. And starts taking off her clothes, threatening to take off her clothes. When that woman decides to protest without any dignity, then all the soldiers retreat.

This is a very shameful act for a woman. It doesn’t suit anyone to forget their limits and do such a shameful act. In addition, this video is becoming quite popular on social media. This video has been shared by a Twitter user named Levina through her post.

Who wrote in the caption, “NAKED anger? OR Shamelessness?  I was shocked to see this. Last time I had shown how they VERBALLY threaten the soldiers, this time it’s their actions.” The video has already been viewed by over 100,000 people, and everyone is sharing it. they have decided to be shameless. A part of Manipur that was not shown anywhere in which the sheer audacity of these women is extremely shocking.

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