Indian doctor brings a dead child to life by mouth to mouth breathing for 7 minutes

Viral Video: A recently viral video on social media is gaining widespread attention. It shows a woman doctor swiftly saving the life of a newborn baby. Users on social media are highly appreciating the doctor’s efforts.

Doctors are often considered representatives of God on Earth because they save human lives on numerous occasions. Recently, a video similar to this emerged, where a female doctor is seen fighting to save the life of a baby girl from imminent death. The video has deeply moved users who have watched it.

This viral clip has been shared on Twitter by Sachin Kaushik, a police officer from Uttar Pradesh, India. In the video, a female doctor can be seen resuscitating a newborn baby girl in a hospital. The video depicts a situation where the baby girl was not breathing after birth, and the doctor tirelessly administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for about 7 minutes, ultimately saving the baby’s life.

Alongside sharing the video, Prahlad Meena provided information stating that the woman doctor featured in the video is Dr. Sulekha Chaudhary, a paediatrician working at CHC, Agra.

He captioned the post, “Dr. Sulekha Chaudhary, Paediatrician, CHC, Agra. The baby was born, but there were no signs of life. Initially, oxygen support was provided, but when it didn’t show any improvement, approximately 7 minutes of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was administered, and the baby started breathing.” We really appreciate Dr. Sulekha Chaudhary’s commitment to saving lives and the selflessness of all medical personnel.

This video is currently trending on social media, with a large number of users praising the doctor for saving the baby’s life. Comments are pouring in, with sentiments like, “Just by witnessing such doctors, one can feel and be assured that doctors are indeed the embodiment of God. Another comment expresses, “Seeing such individuals gives us hope that humanity is still alive. We had heard that doctors are the form of God/life-givers, and today we witnessed it in reality.”

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