A Delhi girl harassed on Twitter after Congress leader spreads misinformation about her

When Prime Minister Modi spoke to students in the Delhi Metro, Congress asserted that they were BJP supporters. When Supriya Shrinate discovered the truth, she deleted her tweet. The Congress spokesman propagated incorrect information about PM Modi doing a “stunt” by interacting with young people in a tweet about his metro trip on Friday, June 30.

According to Supriya Shrinate, the students with whom PM Modi met were BJP members rather than regular people. She deleted the message, realizing she had made a mistake, and incorrectly accused the BJP and PM Modi of performing a “stunt.”

Shrinate was exposed by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) member Diksha Varma, who said that the former journalist was so caught up in lying that she failed to discern between “dreams” and “dreams coming true.”

On June 30, Diksha uploaded a photo of PM Modi conversing with a young woman on the Delhi Metro, which is how this story got started. She wrote “Dream” as the image’s caption, indicating that interacting with and seeing PM Modi was her dream.

Shrinate deleted the tweet after realizing the reality

The tweet was misquoted by Shrinate, a member of Congress, who added false information and claimed that the girl in the shared photograph was Diksha. Shrinate erroneously said that the party deployed BJYM youngsters to the Delhi Metro as part of some PR stunt since Diksha is a member of BJYM. She further asserted that PM Modi found it simple to speak with “BJP youth” since they were unaffiliated with any political party and would have posed “real” issues like jobs and education.

PM Modi’s Delhi Metro conversation with non-BJP members was a surprise, as Congress claimed the youths were BJP members. Shrinate erased her tweet, but copies are still being shared online.

Diksha replied to Shrinate’s behavior of spreading false information, “Madam Supriya Shrinate usually used to be ill-mannered, but she didn’t realize that she is also uneducated. Members of Congress, be aware of the distinction between “dreams” and “dreams coming true.”

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