“Dear Hindus girls- Do anything you want, but stay away from a Muslim guy”

First, entrap a Hindu girl in love, then show her dreams of marriage, later establish physical intimacy, and finally exert pressure for religious conversion. This is the gist of the similar stories of ‘Love Jihad’ that Rubina Khan narrates on Sahil’s YouTube live channel.

Rubina is not a Muslim herself, but she had Muslim friends around her, which made her have a positive perception of Islam. Rubina meets a Muslim guy in her office, who portrays Islam in such a way that it seems very appealing to her. He makes several promises to Rubina and assures her that she doesn’t need to change her religion. He even says that if their marriage doesn’t happen, they both will convert to Buddhism.

Just a few days later, the guy starts pressurizing Rubina for religious conversion. He tells her that their marriage cannot take place unless she becomes a Muslim, even if it’s just for a day. He claims that if she converts to Islam, she will attain heaven, which is the ultimate reward. When Rubina refuses, the guy abuses her parents and blocks her. After some time, Rubina meets an online Kashmiri Maulvi who tries to convince him and bring the guy back. The Maulvi also advocates for religious conversion, telling her to accept Islam and even proposing to marry her himself.

Rubina reveals that after all this, she started studying Islam. During her discussions with her Muslim friends, she had debates with them, but they only believed in what the Maulvi taught them in the madrasa. They blindly followed Maulvi’s teachings. When Rubina asks them about the concept of Aisha and the debate surrounding multiple marriages, they respond by mocking Hinduism and Lord Krishna, stating that he had 16,000 marriages.

Rubina doesn’t receive any help from anywhere to bring the guy back, but after studying Islam, she advises everyone to stay away from Muslim boys. Because until a Muslim boy gains access to Hindu girls, they agree with everything and oppose religious conversion. Neither will they remember Islam nor its teachings. But as soon as they gain access and establish physical intimacy with the girl, they completely change. They force the acceptance of Islam, create pressure, and even leave if the Hindu girl doesn’t comply.”

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