Abu Hasan becomes Aditya, threatens Hindu girlfriend to follow Islamic rituals

Delhi, a new Love Jihad case has surfaced. A Muslim youth named Abu Hasan Jaidi has been charged in this instance with rape, assault, and making death threats. A Hindu woman has complained about Abu Hasan, claiming that she was coerced into a fake marriage, sexually exploited, and tried to convert to another religion against her will. The victim girl spoke with Times Now Navbharat about the incident and gave all the specifics.

victim woman says, both worked for an insurance provider and were identified as Aditya Singh by the accuser. He seduced the girl with his devotion and made fictitious marriage vows. The girl told her family about it, but they disbelieved her.

The girl then made the decision to leave her home and live with the suspect, and start living in a PG in Lakshmi Nagar. the accused also shifts to nearby Govindpuri on the pretext of MBA studies. The girl only then realized that the person she was associated with was a Muslim boy named Abu Hasan Jaidi, not Aditya Singh.

Afterward, the victim girl forced abu hassan for marriage, but the accused denied it and asked her to convert her religion. The girl further intensified her resistance to the marriage and threatened to approach the police. In response, the accused staged a fake marriage through a mock Nikah ceremony. The girl revealed that Abu Hasan physically assaulted her, forced her to consume meat against her, and subjected her to physical and mental torture. She became pregnant before the marriage, and Abu Hasan continued to harass her so that she get a miscarriage. During the second time, when she became pregnant, Abu Hasan compelled her to undergo an abortion by administering medicine. He even threatened her with a rupees 65 medicine made of brass, claiming that he would kill her.

The victim girl lodged a complaint at the Jamia police station, but she was intimidated and threatened there as well. Abu Hasan’s mother filed a counter-complaint against the girl at the Sarita Vihar police station, accusing her of trapping boys, extorting money from them, and falsely filing a rape case to extort rupees 8 lakhs from them. However, the police have not taken any action in this matter. The girl is forced to wander to the police station daily.

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