Viral video: Groom caught drinking alcohol on stage while bride stands beside him, check out full details of this viral claim

The groom is seen drinking alcohol on the stage during his wedding, while the bride watches it next to him. This video has gone viral on social media and apart from being funny, it has also shocked a lot.

The marriage ceremony is an essential and sacred event in Indian society. It is a time when family members and friends come together to share in each other’s joy and blessings. However, recently a video has surfaced in the internet world, which has surprised people.

In the video, the groom is shown drinking alcohol openly during his own wedding. Actually, both the bride and groom are completing the wedding rituals on the stage. Meanwhile, some of the groom’s friends also attend the wedding and they all are seen mixing alcohol in a soft drink bottle.

After adding alcohol to the soft drink, all his friends go on stage and hand the bottle to the groom. The bridegroom starts drinking from it and then he realizes that it contains alcohol. The bride sees the groom drinking wine and assumes he is unaware of the contents as it appears to be a cold drink bottle.

This video has gone viral on social media. People are sharing it with their friends and family in both funny and funny ways. The reason behind this video going viral is that we are seeing the groom being duped while attending a function where everyone else is actually involved.

Some are taking it as a joke, while others dislike it and consider it a justifiable reason to raise their voice against the social and cultural norms depicted in the video. However, it’s crucial to take the cultural and social implications into consideration.

Given that it is being presented as a joke among friends, the real purpose behind this can only be humor and fun. If so, we should not take the video seriously and instead treat it as a funny video.

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