Swiggy Boy walks 3km to give food, Social media helps him find a better job

“I haven’t eaten anything for a week, just drinking water and tea. I’m not asking for anything, but if you can help me find a job, please.”

A LinkedIn user recently helped a struggling food delivery person find a better job. Allegedly, a highly educated delivery boy had come to deliver food to a girl’s flat but arrived late because he didn’t have any means of transportation and had no money left to pay for food delivery. While handing over the food parcel, he shared his story with the customer. Fortunately, the girl helped him in finding a better job.

LinkedIn user Priyanshi Chandel recently ordered ice cream on Swiggy. She was expecting the ice cream to be delivered quickly, but when she received the parcel, it took around ’30-40 minutes’ which seemed strange. The person delivering the food had to walk 3 kilometres to reach her flat because he didn’t have money or a vehicle. He had to do this because he didn’t have any money or a vehicle. He shared his story with Priyanshi and requested her help using social media.

Priyanshi Chandel shared a post in which she described the delivery boy’s situation and also asked for job assistance for him. “If anyone has any opportunities for office boys, admin work, customer support, etc., please help a companion,” she wrote in her LinkedIn post. Priyanshi also shared the delivery boy’s degree and photos of his official documents.

Netizens came forward to support the delivery boy. Some recharged their Yulu accounts so that they didn’t have to go here and there to deliver food, while others offered accommodation. Some offered assistance in job applications, and some even offered job opportunities.

In the next update, Priyanshi mentioned that the delivery person has found a job. She said, “He has got a job!!! Thank you to all the people who supported him, you all are amazing,” she said.

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