DM sends youth to jail for taking a selfie, is it not dictatorship?

B. Chandrakala is an Indian government official IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh. She gained respect for punishing subordinates in part as a result of widely watched recordings in which she conducted surprise inspections and criticised local officials for using low-quality construction materials or bad hygiene. 

The District Magistrate of Bulandshahr had sent a young man to jail for 14 days in the frenzy of taking a selfie, but he has now been released on bail. The young man’s mistake was that during a meeting, he approached the DM without her permission and took a selfie. This is not the first time that DM Chandrakala of Bulandshahr had been in the headlines. She has garnered attention several times due to her methods of work. The honest and fearless image of the female IAS officer is well-known.

One of the incidents involved sending a young man to jail for taking a selfie. In 2015, a youth from Kamalpur village in Bulandshahr had to go to jail simply because he took a selfie with the DM without her permission. This young man, named Faraj, was sent to jail for allegations of disrupting peace for 14 days, but after the news spread in the media, he was released on bail. Now, we inform you some stories about DM B. Chandrakala courage. After her appointment as the DM of Bulandshahr on November 2, 2014, Ms. Chandrakala had taken note of the seriousness of corruption. After assuming the chair, B. Chandrakala was inspecting the work of the municipal corporation. She was enraged upon seeing inferior tiles and scolded the executive officer and the municipality president on the spot, causing the tiles to be removed. In September 2015, she suddenly visited a government school for an inspection. When she started asking questions to the children in the classroom, the teacher became tongue-tied. The children were unable to answer the questions easily. Therefore, Ms. Chandrakala herself explained strictly to the teacher in the classroom. In addition to this, a dispute resolution camp was organized at the Sikandrabad Police Station on January 4, 2015. Ms. Chandrakala was listening to people’s complaints at this camp. During this event, a person complained that if there is an accident with hanging electricity wires, the District Magistrate will have to pay for the damages. Angered by this threat, she promptly sent that person to jail.

In November 2015, police personnel in the district were being trained in the use of weapons. The District Magistrate developed an interest in shooting firearms. In the meantime, she also tried her hand at shooting a gun. DM Chandrakala of Bulandshahr remains in the limelight. Her pictures are often seen in the media. But in reality, her strength lies in her honesty. People consider her as an example of an honest officer.”

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].