T20 within Pakistan Politics & G20 in J&K: Kashmiri Activist lashed Bilawal Bhutoo Zardari and Khan Over Kashmir Comment

The Socio-Political Activist from Central Kashmir, Ganderbal Syed Karar Hashmi, lashed at Pakistan’s foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and former PM Imran Khan Over Kashmir Comment, says put your house in order and don’t try to hide your begging Bowl , failures , violence and Jungle raaj in the name of Kashmir.

He said that the contemporary situation in Pakistan is very shocking as Corrupted Mafia Typhoons are sitting in the highest offices and everything, including foreign policy, has been influenced by the military and an end to democracy and rule of law. Don’t give sermons and speeches about Kashmir. Try to stop the voices of your own people demanding Azadi in POK and other parts of Pakistan.

He observed that the establishment in Pakistan is remotely controlled by the masters in America and of Saudi Arabia, not caring for their own Pakistanis who, on a daily basis, are crying and dying on roads, to stop the ethnic cleansing of minorities at the hands of extremist groups.

He added that they won’t like to see peace and development in J&K as the G20 Summit has exposed them heavily, it is a bleeding nation today, as it was yesterday. Minorities, especially the Shias, continue to face violence and target killing and living in constant fear and uncertainty in Pakistan. Earlier, T20 was a term related to cricket matches, now the world community relates it with violence in Pakistan.

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