PM Modi touches feet of specially abled woman, video goes viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a highly significant tour to make Varanasi’s history memorable. During this tour, he inaugurated his dream project, the “Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor.” The main objective of this project was to establish Varanasi as a holy and prominent religious destination.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Varanasi generated immense enthusiasm and excitement across the country, with several videos going viral on social media, capturing the nation’s hearts. A differently-abled woman attempted to touch Prime Minister Modi’s feet, to which he stopped her and personally touched her feet. This gesture deeply impacted everyone who witnessed it.

Additionally, several saints and spiritual leaders from across the country were invited to the inauguration program of Kashi, where discussions were held with them. Furthermore, many disabled individuals were also present, to whom Modi ji extended religious and social respect.

During this time, Modi ji and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath spoke with the woman, inquiring about her well-being. This act of lighting a candle to fill the darkness is a simple and humane gesture that establishes an emotional and empathetic connection between individuals.

The priests of Varanasi also expressed their desire to present Modi ji with a turban (pagdi), to which he stopped his car and honoured the gift. Afterwards, Modi ji shared a meal with the labourers working on the Kashi Corridor and showered them with flowers.

Subsequently, Modi ji embarked on a midnight visit to Varanasi and had a conversation with a young child, which was also captured in a viral video. All these events made Prime Minister Modi’s Varanasi tour historic and instilled a sense of pride among the citizens of the country.

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