Women react after Guy tells Women To Get Married Soon Before 25, here’s what happened!

In most villages in India, men are tasked with prime responsibilities to run the family as they were considered as the sole breadwinners and you don’t often see many women going to offices as they are forced to sit at home and do household chores.

On the contrary, men go to offices, stress a lot and work without seeing clock needles to earn wages either daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

Women have very limited opportunities to study and were always inferior to men. They never really had the liberty to do what men were doing and hence they became homemakers. However, in the male-dominated society, some women are braving against all odds to become successful in life.

Meanwhile, a guy took to his Twitter handle and advised women to get married before 25 years. He wrote, “Sisters should try getting married under 25. Trust me once you get past this age, you stop getting proposals and worse you get rejected, unless you belong to a super rich family or you earn well. Other than that no Man will really be considering a girl past this age.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Don’t let your studies or profession be an obstruction to marriage. Don’t let the feminists sh !t eat your brain. look around and see the reality”

In his last tweet, he wrote, “This is a general thing that’s particularly seen in Muslim communities. Of course there are exceptions. For men there isn’t any restriction, if he earns well he can easily get married even if he is 40 or more. It is what it is”

Here’s how the Women reacted to this post:-

One woman replied, “I got married at 30 with the kindest & smartest man I’ve known in this lifetime. Neither of us were super rich, he is just a decent human being who was looking for a partner and not a maid or a Allah miya ki gaai. Pls stop telling women what they should do with their lives.”