Swiggy’s tweet on condom sale on New Year’s Eve receives witty reply from Durex India

Durex India made the headlines after they commented on Swiggy’s tweet that added that the massive demand of condoms from Swiggy Instamart during New Year’s eve.

In fact, Durex went on to thank Swiggy for delivering people condoms. It jested and said at least 2757 people were having a banging new year.

Moreover, it further added it hoped they ordered coffee together the next day morning. Earlier Swiggy took to their official twitter handle and wrote, “2757 packets of @DurexIndia condoms delivered by @SwiggyInstamart so far. please order 4212 more to make it 6969, so we can all say “nice”.”

After the Durex India’s comment, Swiggy Instamart responded and said people who ordered those 2757 condoms were probably not reading that right now.

“Thank you for ‘delivering’ them O’s. We know atleast 2757 are having a banging new year ;)P.s: We hope they order coffee together tomorrow morning,” Durex India tweeted.