What we learn from the ghastly murder of Shraddha Walker?

The ghastly murder of Shraddha Walker of Maharashtra (India) by her live-in partner raises many uncomfortable questions about relationships built over the virtual world. How this is going to play out in the “future” in modern societies is unpredictable yet ominous. As usual, it is the woman who is at the receiving end. It is shocking, almost unbelievable that a person with whom one had shared everything under a single roof could turn into a predator and hack his female partner into 35 pieces and keep her body parts in the fridge for months together. This is how heartless and satanic humans in this digital age have become. Hope this frightful incident sends a message of alarm to millions of parents across the country. They should not sit back in complacency any longer.

Who disagrees now that “lust” without “ethics” is not a serious threat to humanity? If a sense of morality were ever present in the mind of Aftab Poonawalla, he would not at all have pulled the dagger to take Shraddha’s life.

Nevertheless, was the Court of law in India really wise in legalizing live-in relationship in the year 2006? Could it not foresee that that “lust-driven relationship” without “ethics”,  which is so prevalent now, might end up in acrimony and bloodshed as well? It appears that the ruling has only widened the “credibility gap” of the judiciary. Of course, there is also “uproar” in the society against the various female-centric laws which are wilfully misused by females bringing “untold grief” to countless males. It urgently calls for changes in judicial interpretation and flawed proposition that women can’t go wrong.

Lastly, one wishes that no grown-up child leaves their parents’ homes today to live with a heartless live-in partner to face nightmares tomorrow. We need to wake up before humanity is cut into pieces.

Disclaimer: The article is written by Salil Gewali- an author and political analyst based in Arunachal Pradesh. He has written a popular book Great Minds On India The opinions expressed in this write-up are of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the The Youth or any of its members.

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