Bhuj: Firoz forces his Hindu wife to sleep with his friends, physically tortures her for not complying with his orders

Cases of love jihad and atrocities on Hindu girls caught in it keep coming to light regularly. Innocent Hindu girls have become victims of this love jihad. The matter has come to light from Bhuj in Gujarat, a video of which is going viral on social media. It has been claimed that Muslim youth Firoz trapped a Hindu girl and then forced her to convert to Islam; after that, he started torturing the Hindu girl.

According to the viral video, a Muslim youth named Firoz trapped a Hindu girl Janaki in Bhuj city and married her after forcibly converting her to Islam. After marriage, Firoz asked the girl to have relations with other people. The girl refused to do so, after which Firoz brutally beat her with an iron pipe. While talking to the media, the victim has confirmed that this viral video is true.

A video circulated on the social platform X shows a young woman lying down with apparent signs of severe physical abuse. The footage shows deep bruising on his back, as well as areas where the skin appears to be torn. The disturbing nature of the scenes has caused widespread concern. The allegations reveal that a young man named Firoz lured a girl named Janaki into a love trap and married her.

According to a report in Zee News, the woman said, “He wants to involve me in the drug business.” Whenever I refuse, he beats me. He wants to trap me in dirty business. I am stuck in this. I want that no sister should fall into the trap of such heretics.” The victim has been struggling with this problem for the last four years. He is now admitted to a local hospital and has demanded strict action against Firoz.

After watching the viral video, different types of reactions emerge from the users.

One user writes, “As harsh as it sounds I’m running out of sympathy for these ‘mera Abdul alag hai’ girls. There are so many cases like this yet Hindu girls still keep getting trapped & then ending up dead or in this condition!”

Another user writes, “Why do they continue to trust such individuals despite numerous warnings from newspapers, TV, and media?”

Another user writes, “The culprit should be sent to UP police for the right treatment.”

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