Pakistan comedian Umar Sharif earned money in India, makes anti Hindu statement

Many Pakistani artists have made a name for themselves by working in India. And while working in India, he has also earned money worth crores. One such Pakistani comedian was Umar Sharif who earned a name in India through his many works. But his video was seen on social media in which he is speaking against India.

Pakistan Untold has shared the viral video on Twitter ‘X’. In the viral video, Umar Sharif says, ‘I am telling you Muslims, read the history, Somnath temple was attacked 17 times and then won and then achieved victory and do not lose courage. Inshallah, the Pakistan flag will be up. ,

Umar Sharif was a Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer, writer, singer and television personality. Sharif, who started his career in stand-up comedy at the age of 14, has done around 60 stage comedy shows and other television shows and has also produced, directed, and acted in two films. In India, Umar Sharif was famous and was called to judge comedy shows. Umar Sharif also has a huge fan base there, even some of the veteran Indian comedians liked Umar Sharif for his excellent comedy. He died in 2021.

People shared many reactions to the viral video calling Umar Sharif anti-Hindu. The viral video has been viewed by 20 thousand people. One user writes, ‘This is one of the reasons I have stopped feeling bad for Gaza.

Another user writes, ‘1st, he may be a converted Hindu. So, is he trying to mock us or his pittars(forefathers) because of who he is in the world? 2nd, even after destroying and looting Somnath ji 17 times, they remained in poverty, we on the other hand progressed. And will always be progressing.

Another user writes, ‘Ohhk so you’ll claim to destroy Somnath temple??? So what’s the end result… today Somnath temple is standing in its glory.

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