“I still face discrimination for my skin colour and my looks”, says Zakir Khan

Despite the objections and changing attitudes in society, our society still faces many challenges in terms of color and beauty. One real person who has achieved success in his life in such challenging circumstances is Zakir Khan, in that field of laughter which is felt by many. Zakir Khan talked about the importance of good looks in an interview video given to Brutindia which was based on a true incident of his life.

According to the viral video, Zakir Khan says, “There was an interview in which I was asked, ‘What is the one conspiracy theory you want to float?’ So I said, ‘I want to throat this conspiracy theory that looks are not important.’ So the current people say, ‘No, looks don’t matter that much anymore. I said no, looks are very important. They said,’ Never judge a book by its cover. I said, ‘The book is judged by its cover. You have to work hard so much that nobody judges your cover. And you have to make your book so popular that people ignore the cover.

He further says, ‘Because you cannot stop everyone from speaking. Even today it happens to us that someone comments on the color. Someone writes something on the photo, someone says it to my face and most of the insults I have faced have always been done by strangers. The circles in which I live, in which I stand, in which I eat and drink. In the class where I study, in the college where I go, no one dared to talk to me like this because my book had taken over my cover.

Zakir Khan told through his experiences that he has seen many occasions at the beginning of his career when he felt inconvenienced due to his complexion and beauty. But he never gave up and kept moving towards his goals. He said that the journey to success is never easy and it requires dedication and hard work.

After watching the viral video, people shared many reactions appreciating it. One user writes, ‘Zakir you have always perfectly given words to your thoughts and that comes when you feel life very closely.’

Another user writes, ‘This is the reason why this man is so much loved. He makes so much sense. Facts.

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