NASA plans to put humans on Mars within 25 years, Is it good or bad?

In a sensational development, NASA space is planning to put humans on Mars within 25 years. The scientists believe that the entire process is possible but the fact is technological and medical difficulties are colossal.

“The cost of solving those means that under current budgets, or slightly expanded budgets, it’s going to take about 25 years to solve those,” said former NASA astronaut identified as Tom Jones, who took a trip on four space shuttle missions before calling it quits in 2001.

Credits: Wired

“We need to get started now on certain key technologies,” he addressed the reporters in Washington. With current rocket technology, it would take an astronaut up to 9 months to reach the red planet. Also, the physical toll of floating for a long stint in zero gravity would be huge.

To put it in simple terms, scientists reckon prolonged weightlessness can cause irreversible changes to blood vessels in the retina, leading to vision degradation. And after a while in zero gravity, the skeleton starts to drain calcium and bone mass. With gravity only one-third of our planet, scientists still are figuring out a way to tackle the effects of a presumed one-year space mission to Mars’ surface.

Chaithanya G
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