The most unluckiest queen of history, who was raped by father, real brother

The queen “Aneksenamun,” who some historians refer to as the world’s unluckiest queen, is quite less talked about despite her role in Egyptian history. She is the reason why Tutenkhamen dynasty rose to prominence until she resigned to her ill fate. Lets understand her story.

At that time it was customary to get married to brothers and sisters in the royal houses of Egypt. This is so that no outsider can interfere in the royal family. Along the same lines, Akhenaten also married his sister “Kia”. By whom he had three daughters and a son. The most beautiful of the three daughters was “Ankesenamun” who was noticed by her father and it is said that King Akhenaten had exploited his fifteen-year-old daughter Aneksenamun. This cruel, indecisive pervert king died at the age of 45.

After which his 9-year-old son Tutankhamen was placed on the throne. Despite being very weak in appearance and ill, he was placed on the throne, and soon his marriage was fixed with his real sister, 17-year-old Aneksenamun.

Both were married but Tutankhamun was in no way fit for the kingdom. Although his people did not suffer much during his reign. After ascending the throne, Aneksenamoon and Tutankhamun also compensated to some extent for the atrocities committed by their father.

It is said that Aneksenamun was not at all happy with Tutankhamun. They had two children and both were born dead. It is said that both of those children were not Tutankhaman’s, that is why he gave them poison. By the time he reached the age of 18, Tutankhamun had become more ill and died. Now the responsibility of protecting the Egyptian Empire had fallen on Aneksenamun.

Only after the death of the king, the empire was attacked by a man called “Aiya”. Aiya tried to declare himself as the king with immediate effect. But at that time people of middle age were not allowed to sit on the throne. What Aiya was interested in more than the throne was Aneksenamun. Aiya was Aneksenamoon’s close maternal grandfather in relationship.

But Queen Aneksenamun, troubled by her life, did not want to marry him. So she wrote a letter to the king of his neighboring powerful Hatthi kingdom and said that if the king of the empire protects the kingdom of Egypt, then she is ready to marry his eldest son. The king of Hatthi accepted that offer and sent his eldest son to defend the Egyptian kingdom. But Aiya came to know about this and killed that prince in the middle of the way.

After which Aiya attacked the mighty kingdom of Egypt overnight and forcibly married Aneksenamun. The queen never wanted to let this happen but now she was no longer in control. Queen Aneksenamun died only after spending a few years of her life. She was only 25 years old when she died and at such a young age she saw the ups and downs in her life which probably no one in history would have seen to date. The mysterious thing is that no one even knows what was the reason for the death of the queen!