Painful: Fathers sell their young daughters for money in Afghanistan after Islamic rule

Afghanistan is currently witnessing open selling of girls to total strangers due to the anarchy that has ruled the country since Islamic control.

Although selling child brides or at least arranging prepubescent girls’ wedlock to older men was a frequent practice in the past throughout the nation, during the years when the United States and its allies guaranteed Afghanistan’s security, the practice was outlawed.

Under the Taliban’s leadership in the 1990s, girls and women had previously been denied access to education and work. However After the US exercised its control, they were allowed to learn about and contribute to the world, and they were at least theoretically free from being the legal property of males.

After being retaken in August, Afghanistan is again slipping into a dark period, and everything might be changing again. According to the families interviewed by news channels, their severe financial conditions have forced them to “marry” off their daughters to survive these trying times.

After the Taliban took power, girls in Afghanistan were sold as slaves. The situation is as bad as it can get for these desperate families now that the majority of foreign troops, including American and other peacekeepers, have been ejected from the country and are finding it difficult to obtain enough food to eat. To prevent the surviving children from going hungry, the family sells its daughters.

An interviewer was told by a human rights activist in Badghis that “Day by day, the numbers of families selling their children are rising… Due to a shortage of food and employment, the families feel forced to act in this way.

Despite doing everything they could, including borrowing money from family members and flying far away in a fruitless hunt for a job, Afghani men are so overcome with remorse and humiliation that they are unable to sleep at night.

According to reports, the family is only trying to sustain themselves. However, the money these families get through the sale of their daughter will only be able to provide for a certain period until it runs out.

The vast majority of these young girls remain statutory rape victims for years since they are too young to be able to agree to sex under the law. They engage in unprotected intercourse and struggle with labor and delivery because of their immature bodies. According to the UNFPA, women aged 15 to 19 have pregnancy-related death rates that are more than twice as high as those of women aged 20 to 24.

Magul, a 10-year-old girl in a nearby province, was recently interviewed for a report. According to the interviewer, Magul sobs every day because she is so distraught about her impending fate.

Her father Ibrahim stated, “I don’t know what to do.” “He will abduct my girls even if I don’t give them to him,” the seller said.
Magul said, “I truly don’t want him,” at this point. She said, “I don’t want to leave my parents,” sobbing as she sat on the floor, “If they force me to go, I will kill myself.”

She and her family spend their days regretting that she is likely to be sold to a 70-year-old man to pay off her family’s debt of 200,000 Afghanis ($2,200). You can watch the video below.

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