15 Most Ridiculous Lies Bollywood Celebs Have Told Publicly, catch full details

15 Most Ridiculous Lies Bollywood Celebs Have Told Publicly, catch full details

Being a part of showbiz can have its pros and cons. It’s difficult to be under the constant microscope where people dissect every aspect of your life and shower you with scrutiny or criticism.

There are an equal number of people trying to pull you apart as the people who support and enable you. But being a part of the glitz and glamour can sometimes fill your vision and it can be very tiring as well.

However, all this is just a part of what comes along with success and fame. It’s difficult to just weigh out the bad aspects of such a life. Sometimes celebrities have to live a life of pretence, be it for their upcoming projects or just to exude a sense of achievement or accomplishment to the audience. 

Here were some examples of situations where celebrities made questionable statements that caught the attention of the audience on Reddit, and not in a good way: 

1. “The storyline of this movie is so different from the others that I’ve done before.” Answer Source- swarup8289 

2. “When the new-gen star kids talk about their “hard work”, to bag a role.” Answer Source- manamaboy 

3. “Deepika lying through her teeth on the Ellen DeGeneres show about being single while she was actually with Ranveer in a serious relationship which turned into marriage a year or so later. She did the same on many American shows when 

promoting the xXx movie. And also flirting with Vin Diesel insinuating that something’s brewing between the two.” 

Answer Source- greenisthesky 

4. “Ranveer is a total outsider when he is related to Anil Kapoor’s family. Like how come you would deny your own relatives to concoct fake struggle stories and gain audience sympathy.” 

Answer Source- kabirsinghsain 

5. “SRK’s father had a canteen in NSD so SRK’s dad was friends with most of the big names in theatre and character acting. His mother knew Dilip Kumar’s family and SRK had met them many times even before entering show business. Still, he somehow sold us a bs story about making it without zero connections. I doubt it.” Answer Source- kabirsinghsaini2 

6. “We are just good friends.” 

Answer Source- Salt-Ad4780 

7. “For me, it’s the lies that numerous stars have made about ‘all I use for my face is ice cubes/Haldi dhai/I rub daal on my face lol. It’s so ridiculous. They spend so much money on their looks. You don’t get to the top by rubbing haldi on your face. They have access to the best dermatologists, estheticians, surgeons, makeup artists, etc.” Answer Source- LevyMevy

8. “In the 1990s and 2000s, a lot of actresses used to say they don’t work out or go to the gym and that they were major foodies. They were incredibly blessed with good metabolism. Thankfully, today’s actresses are more truthful. Deepika for instance, says she loves food, and her dietician allows her to eat what she likes but in a very restricted manner (only 2 idlis or only 1 dosa).” 

Answer Source- Jy_sunny 

9. “The biggest lie of all time for me is Govinda in Avatar.” 

Answer Source- tsr0897 

10. “Abhishek saying his Papa did nothing for him will always make him laugh. He truly wants us to believe that being Big B’s son had zero impact on him. He is so mediocre in every way. Lol.” 

Answer Source- LevyMevy 

11. “Every Bollywood actress conveniently weighs between 55 to 59 kgs. It’s completely ok if you weigh more than that too, at least own up to it.” 

Answer Source- Adorable-Winter-2968 

12. “It takes 3 years to digest a protein shake, AK” 

Answer Source- ironside-420 

13. “Use cucumber, strawberry, malai and other leftovers from dinner and breakfast on your face, if you want to look like us. ~ Yours truly Ms. Namaste Ali Khan and Ms. Kylie Lite.” 

Answer source- NotDelusional01 

14. In 2017 during a promotional event for her upcoming movie Parineeti embarked on a telltale of her personal life and how her family was financially unstable and how she was subjected to eve-teasing however, all this was uncovered as false information when her former classmate took to social media to unveil the truth. 

15. Katrina Kaif was spotted in one incident lying about her age when she said that she was only eight years old when the Berlin Wall in 1989 fell; however, she was reportedly born in the year 1983.

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